We’re Smiling at Each Other and Shaking Hands – What has Just Happened?

Business owners and managers approach lawyers with complex problems. The lawyer lays out the options and related risks and the business decides which path it thinks is best.

During these discussions, it is easy to focus on the path to  the point that one loses sight of the goal. Without a clear goal in mind, there is little chance of choosing the correct path.

Keeping one simple question in mind often helps everyone refocus.  I tell my clients this:

“Let’s pretend that this matter has just concluded and we are standing in my office, smiling at  each other, and shaking hands.  What has  just happened?”

Maybe what has happened is that we have spent two years and six figures and have had a full blown trial and won.  Maybe we have decided that two years and six figures would be better spent plowed back into the business rather than continuing to fight.  Maybe it’s some hybrid of the two.

Business, employment law, and life are complex.  Envisioning success allows you to work backward to plan for that success.  Next time you find yourself mired in the options ask yourself, “This issue has concluded and I’m smiling.  What has just happened?”